Orphan Care


Orphan Care

HisKids seeks to build strong communities. This is reflected in the way we provide for orphans. Bringing the community together to provide the support that is needed empowers the them and keeps them connected. Here are some of the advantages of Community Based Care:


Community-based care for orphans is a more cost-effective approach to orphan care because the emphasis is not on providing resources from outside, but rather identifying the existing resources in a community and building on those.

Community participation

There is an extremely high degree of community participation in community-based care programs, because the onus is on communities to care for their own orphans. Extended families will frequently take responsibility for orphans using their own resources to provide housing, food, clothing and education. Neighbors and the church make contributions by helping out struggling families with resources, training and providing the support system those families need to thrive.

Family Support

Instead of focusing on one child in crisis, we look to support the remaining family structure that still exists. We have a weekly feeding center that provides enough food for 3 or 4 days a week. Our orphan advocate staff runs this program and supervises these families to make sure they are doing well.


Community-based care allows children to connect with others in their immediate family and community. 98% of orphans still have existing family members that need to be involved in their daily lives

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