Haiti Report – Fuel and Riots

Since the beginning of 2019 Haiti has been without fuel. Reports show that at least $80 million dollars are owed to oil companies who have tankers waiting off the coast of Haiti. The Haitian government has a fuel fund called Petrocaribe which manages the money for all the fuel in Haiti. It is estimated that over $2 BILLION dollars have been stolen from the fund from 2008-2016 by government officials including the current leader Pres.Jovenel Moïse. This money was suppose to be used for education and other social services. In a country where 59% of the population of 11 million people make under $2.41/day and 25% make under $1.23/day that is beyond shocking. Don’t get me started. To add injury to insult this lack of fuel has caused widespread power outages, which is shutting down hospitals and essential services. People are dying unnecessarily. In early Feb. over 1 million people started protesting (10% of the population). Most of the protests are in the southern capital of Port-au-Prince, but there are a few tires being burned on the streets in the northern city of Cap Haitian where we serve. The protesters want to have those responsible for the theft to go to jail and for the current President to resign. Things have quieted down lately, but my source, Ric Hutchinson of New Life Mission said there is another country wide protest planned for 03/07. Please pray for Haiti. We care for the most vulnerable people in Haiti who are the ones being hurt by these events. We are praying for and planning on this situation being resolved soon. If you are interested in joining our Church Project Haiti team in July 20-27th, go to the link in this post. The people of Haiti need help. Their lives depend on it. We will not travel unless it is safe and have secure facilities in country. Please share. https://www.churchproject.org/…/20/haiti-summer-mission-trip (sources: NPR and The World Bank)