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  David Ogwang

Help Our Sudanese Director build a home and base of operations for Hiskids

Our family (The Horner’s) lived in Uganda Africa for almost three years working with Sudanese refugees. A Sudanese man named David Ogwang became our good friend and partnered with us as we fed the hungry, gave medical care to the sick and helped widows and orphans. Sudan signed a peace agreement. David took his family back to Pejok, Sudan, and we moved back to the United States.  David spent over ten years building a new life in a war torn and desolate location. Over a year ago David’s village was raided by rebels, and those who did not escape were murdered. David and his 9 family members including his son and elderly mother lost everything that night and were forced to flee to Palebek Refugee Settlement in Uganda to live among 30,000 other Sudanese refugees. Each refugee is given one small meal per day. Due to Covid their food rations have been cut by 30%. Proper medical care is not available, and they walk nearly five hours just to collect firewood for cooking.

Can you imagine raising your family in that environment? We love David and his family and want to help David move to a safe area where he can build a permanent home for his family. We want to buy him a small piece of land and build David’s family a home. This project will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 is to raise $8,500 for a piece of land in the city of Gulu. Phase 2 will be to raise $15,000 to build David a small 3 bedroom home with permanent mud bricks and a tin roof. If David is able to build a home in Gulu, he can use this home as a base of operations and continue to partner with us in ministry. David wants to continue our origional work in Africa helping feed the hungry, healing the sick, educating the children and helping orphans and widows. Before David can do this effectively, he and his family need a stable safe place to live. They need a base. They need a home.

David is our friend and we consider him part of our family. Please take a moment and look around you. Think about the home you live in and imaging losing it all and being forced to flee on foot if you want to live. Imagine living in a crowded mud hut with one meal a day to give your children. Imagine having nothing. Please partner with us and become part of our family of ministry.


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