Joe and Lisa Horner have a passion to see orphans get a chance to live and to bring revival to the church.  Lisa will be graduating in May 2011 as a nurse and Joe will be spending his time directing HisKids and speaking in churches.  The Horner’s do not take a salary from Hiskids, so 100% of every donation made to hiskids can go directly to the orphans.  Please consider being part of the Horner personal support team to off-set the expenses to be child advocates all over the world. Donations are tax-deductible.  

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Because every child deserves a chance to live...

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Most people don’t realize that what they spend on soda’s or coffee everyday would feed and educate a child in Sudan or Guatemala.  Please consider taking that dollar per day and giving it to an orphan so she can live...

100% of every donation made goes directly to the area specified by the donor.  Administrative costs are not taken out of donations.

100% Goes to Sudan

Donations are tax-deductible

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The Horner family has dedicated themselves to being  child advocates world-wide. Join our support team to help spread the word of needy children.    ~more~